One of our star tips at Onlyone for your travels in Africa is to «travel with an open mind». And it is that, traveling through Africa is to know new cultures with traditions different from those that we could consider «normal»; it is to accept the existence of a vision of the world different from the western one.

Today, we want you to learn about some of the most violent traditions that are still practiced in Africa.


Circumcision rituals

In the Zulu tribe, teenagers go through this ritual of circumcision to officially become men. These young people are kidnapped and taken to a secret place that only elderly women have access to; They are covered in white powder and given sharp blades or stones to circumcise themselves.


Jump a bull

The Hamer tribe in Ethiopia have a ritual that consists of making children, men and women run, jump and surpass a bull to demonstrate, in the case of men and children, their manhood; women, on the other hand, do it as a sign of being big women and ready to marry.


Fight to attract a mate

In the Surma tribe of Ethiopia, they practice a tradition that consists of making fights so that men face and win so they can marry the woman they want. They must cover their body and face with clay as part of the ritual and walk naked carrying a 2-meter pole.