Visiting Victoria Falls is part of fulfilling the dream trip to the heart of Africa. It is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, its meanders and marshes are an animal paradise, which is to be expected since it is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe; Two national parks were created (one on each side of the border) that protect a unique place in the world under government jurisdiction.

The explorer David Livingstone was the one who gave the name to these falls in honor of Queen Victoria, who ruled England at that time, however, with the passage of time the locals call them Mosi-oa-tunya, which means » Smoke that thunders ”.

The main responsible for this spectacle of nature is the Zambezi River, the fourth longest in Africa. Its first waters gush into Zambian territory and after crossing the entire country from north to south through the west, it reaches the border with Zimbabwe to create the Victoria Falls. Its channel has formed up to eight gorges that also serve as a nesting area for four species of birds in danger of extinction such as the black eagle or the taita hawk.

500 million liters of water fall every minute along the 1,708 meters of extension through which the largest curtain of water in the world spreads; This produces a water vapor, a kind of evaporation in the form of millions of small droplets that results in the phenomenon of the so-called inverted rain.

The Victoria Falls have naturally formed a pool called The Devil’s Pool. It is located on the edge of the falls. The best dates to swim in this pool are between September and December when the levels of the Zambezi River are safe.

You cannot miss any of the attractions that these falls offer, so we have created a special tour for a safe tour of Victoria Falls.