It must be remembered that this is a continent that includes 54 countries, so wanting to homogenize or generalize is simply impossible. For this reason, we recommend that before even starting to organize your trip, consult the embassy or consulate of the country you want to visit about its access requirements and types of visa because, imagine that you want to travel the country in 45 days and they only give you visa for 30?

What is important to know or ask the consulate about visas when organizing a trip to Africa? First check if you need to process a visa with your passport, ask if it can be processed when you arrive at the airport (visa on arrival) or the process must be done before traveling.

Also ask if the visa is for a single entry or multiple entries (for example, you are in Kenya and then you want to go to Tanzania for a few days and return to Kenya), the cost of the visa and types of payment (some countries only accept payment in cash in local currency).

Finally, do not forget to ask what requirements you need to enter the country in addition to your valid passport -and visa-. This is important because many countries require that you show the reservation of your accommodation or that you have a ticket to leave the country within the period of stay allowed by the visa.