What is the best time to travel to Zimbabwe? This is probably one of the first questions you ask yourself when considering traveling to the country.

And although it has a pleasant climate and you can travel throughout the year, depending on the type of tour you want to do through the territory, some months will be better than others.

So pay attention to this free information guide to choose the best time to travel to Zimbabwe:


In general, it is recommended to visit the country between the months of March and November. This is so because in that period of time we can enjoy a warm and pleasant climate with a moderate level of rainfall.

During April there are 16 rainy days and the level of rainfall is 56 mm. There are 14 dry days in this month. Average temperatures are 25ºC the maximum and 18ºC the minimum. On the other hand, during the month of July in Zimbabwe there are only 3 rainy days with 4 mm of rainfall. We have 28 dry days and average temperatures of at least 17ºC and maximum 23ºC.

The average minimum is 30 ° C during the month of September in Zimbabwe and the minimum is around 21 ° C. This month has a total rainfall of 4 mm raining around 3 days. So there are about 27 dry days.




Zimbabwe has a semi-arid climate. So choose the months that most attract your attention to enjoy your stay.