Africa is the last continental redoubt where wildlife is still that, WILD. Nothing can prepare you for the first time you step foot in it.

Some of the most dangerous animals swim in its rivers, including the hippopotamus, which the Ghanaian community seeks to protect with a fantastic reserve.

In Ghana, only two populations of hippos remain, one of them is in the North-west region, about 40 km from the Black Volga River.

In this region is the Wechiau Hippo Community Sanctuary (created in 1999) is a unique community project that protects and preserves wildlife and the environment.

This famed place allows visitors to view these incredible animals from a safe and prudent distance, while learning about the importance of hippo conservation.

They can be seen from November to March; when the rainy season begins (from April to October), the animals disappear and the place becomes inaccessible.

The project is a great success in providing Ghanaian and international tourists with a unique and unusual eco-trip.