Packing is usually a not so complicated task for a trip to any other part of the world that is not the unpredictable and fascinating Africa.

But, when it comes to a tour of this continent, the backpack must be prepared with great care, taking into account the following elements and tips that we consider, you should take, if you are weighing doing a tour as a backpacker or by light means and with nature even closer to you:

A kit: A first aid kit with plasters, mini scissors, gauze pads, iodine, antihistamines and dehydration serum is one of the first and most important options; Surely you have hired the safari with a company that has already thought about this, but it never hurts to carry a mini-briefcase with these utensils.


If the destination is hot, it is best to wear light clothing that does not take up much space: You have to get out of your head to go every day with a different outfit because otherwise we will have to carry two backpacks or, failing that, one that weighs almost as much. same as us. It is about going comfortable and wearing clothes that are not bright colors to try not to draw too much attention from the animals, you can not miss something warm, since at night it cools: hat, gloves, a sweatshirt … more.


  • A small toiletry bag with a special travel towel, toilet paper and hand wash without water.


  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and mosquito repellent, do not leave your hotel without this: These are one of the accessories that cannot be missing from what you have to take to go to Africa. You will spend many hours exposed or exposed to the sun’s rays, so you have to take action.


  • Travel guide and a book about the area to be sure of your location and the places you can go in case of an emergency or an extra trip.


  • Last but not least since it will be what will make your memories remain for posterity: Cameras with their respective lenses, chargers, filters