“Game” is one of those words. Its literal translation is «hunt». And well, going on a safari has a “hunting” component. Of course, fortunately here we refer to «hunting with the camera».

The Game-Drive is done in specially designed 4×4 vehicles. As a general rule, in Kenya and Tanzania they use closed 4×4s, with windows and roofs that rise; while in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, the cars are fully open with a roof to protect from the sun.

So going on safari means getting in a car and starting to explore your chosen area for wildlife, driving slowly, and stopping to look at all the animals you come across.

It does not matter the destination or the style of safari you choose: the most common is to do a game-drive in the morning and another in the afternoon. Sometimes, and depending on the place or the route designed for the entire trip, full-day game-drives are held.