Today there are hundreds of different types of insurance, the most common or perhaps the one you are familiar with is medical insurance.

These insurances have the function of protecting you or at least covering your medical expenses in case of an eventuality.

However, these insurances generally have a great limitation: they only cover you when you are in the country where you bought it or the country where you reside.


The moment you go to another country you are completely unprotected and if something happens to you, or you require urgent care (such as an accident or surgery), the medical expenses you incur will have to be paid by you.

This is where medical insurance with international coverage comes into play. An international medical insurance will take care of the expenses of those possible emergencies while you are traveling in another country.

The interesting thing about this type of insurance is that it is normally not only for medical expenses, it also covers some emergencies such as:

-If a family member dies and you have to return home.
-If you had to suspend your trip unexpectedly.
-If you are seriously hospitalized and someone has to go to take care of you, the insurance will pay for the transfer and lodging of this person.
-If you are robbed and you have to pay for the replacement of your passport, cards or legal procedures.
Even some travel insurance will cover if your camera, cell phone, laptop or other electronics that you take on your trip are stolen.
-We will talk about these international insurance coverages later, the important thing is that you understand that having private health insurance in your country does not mean that you will automatically be covered in other countries.

It seems obvious but I have met more than one traveler who does not realize this until it is too late.