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What is the best time to do an African Safari? The continent offers incomparable opportunities to the traveler, from its vegetation to its orange sunsets, without forgetting an ideal climate and the jewel in the crown, a spectacular fauna.

An African safari is the ultimate destination for wildlife lovers. To clear the picture a bit and clarify these issues, we recommend you take a closer look at where you would like to do the safari.

The season of the year and the Great Migration of animals will determine the differences for each season depending on the destination, since a safari in Kenya is not the same as in Tanzania, neither in summer or winter:

  • The best time for a visit to Kenya is between May and September.
  • Tanzania is in October and November.
  • In Botswana the ideal season will be between May and November
  • South Africa is your destination between the months of May to August.


El clima de cada zona del continente en función de la estación es una variable interesante, dependiendo si prefieres una vegetación más seca con la que atisbar mejor a los animales o te apetece contemplar un paisaje más verde.