Probably before making a trip you ask yourself: what is the best time to visit it?

And, although our idea of ​​Africa is a continent with a continuously hot climate, the truth is that there is no simple answer to this question, each region has its high and low season, with some months more popular than others. But, in reality, it just depends a little on the activities you want to do or attractions you want to visit and the country or region where they are located.

So today, from Only One, we are going to help you a little with this problem. Read until the end of the post and take note:


When to choose my destination?

Fortunately, Africa is warm and sunny for most of the year, but certain countries experience unexpected changes, and there are even regions that within the same country receive different and discontinuous torrentials.

Of course we do not want to start a beach vacation in the river and cyclone season, nor do we want to discover that the wild herds have migrated! We want you to enjoy all your destinations to the fullest; But for that you must be a forecaster of the weather, climate, season … But the main reason is knowing how to choose the experience you dream of appropriately.


When to go on safari?

To know when is the best time to do a Safari, you must first consider where you are going to do it since it depends a lot on the migrations of the animals. For example, between May and October, the dry season of southern Africa, is the perfect time to observe wild animals, especially the hottest and driest months at the end of the season. Wildlife is concentrated in the water holes, the trees are often » bare » and the vegetation is sparse, which will guarantee you better visibility of the animals.

During the dry season from June to October is the high season for safaris in Tanzania, but the best time to visit the Serengeti and experience the wildebeest migration is between November and August. On the other hand, if you like Tanzania more, the best time is from October to November.


When to visit the beaches of Africa?

The beaches of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles are considered successful destinations for the whole year. Although, the months of December to March are also considered the fantastic time for beach holidays in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa.

The important thing will be to distinguish between the dry season and the river season.


The key to choosing your best time to visit and enjoy. If any questions arise, please contact us.

We will gladly help you and inform you about how, when and where your next trip to Africa will be.