One of the main attractions of Seychelles is its climate and as a consequence, you can visit any of the islands throughout the year, as the weather is great in any season, but what is the best time to go to the Seychelles? If you still do not have it clear. These are additional data that will help you in the choice:


Although the Seychelles climate has relatively constant temperatures, there are two well-marked seasons, determined by the direction the trade winds take. The rainy season extends first from October to April, and the cool season extends over the other part of the year, from April to October, with the trade winds coming this time from the southeast.

Although the climate in Seychelles is favorable throughout the year, the months of February, July and August stand out as the best in terms of climate.


To plan your trip to this paradise, it is not only convenient that you take into account the climate and geography, it is also essential to know the different tourist seasons.


High season in Seychelles

The high tourist season in Seychelles coincides with the months of July and August, on the one hand, and December and January on the other. In July and August, in addition to coinciding with the holidays of a large part of the world’s population.

Finding a hotel will be very difficult, and prices will be high.


Mid season in Seychelles

From April to May and September to November, it is the average tourist season, so there are fewer visitors and it is easier to reserve accommodation.


Low season in Seychelles

The months of February, March and also the month of June, are those that are part of the low tourist season in Seychelles. During these months you can find offers.


With all this, you can now plan your trip to this incredible country!