If you are preparing your vacations in Tanzania, you may wonder what is the best time to travel to the country.

As soon as you learn a little, you realize that it is important to know the best time to travel to Tanzania. Because the success of your vacation and everything you want to enjoy in its incredible surroundings will depend a lot on it.

So, what is the best time to travel to Tanzania.

Anytime is really good to travel to Tanzania. Yes of course! Because there is no ideal time for everyone, each person has their own tastes and interests and seeks a specific adventure on the African continent.

Therefore, the most important thing when planning your trip will be to see what is the best time to travel to Tanzania, knowing how the weather influences the activities you want to do. That is why we are going to propose some recommendations:


Dry season

This season corresponds to the months of June to October. During these months rainfall is low, and so is humidity, except, obviously, on the coast.

If you are going to do a safari it is a good time, since you will not lose a moment, since in the rainy season, if too much water falls in a short time, perhaps some tracks become excessively muddy and prevent you from enjoying the safari .


Rainy season

Tanzania really has two rainy seasons. A longer one, from March to May, and a shorter one with less abundant rainfall, which occurs between November and mid-December. It is clear that if you want to spend a few days on the beach, these are not the right dates, but it is also true that at this time tourism is much less.

In addition, in the short rainy season the colors of the landscapes are beautiful, there is lush vegetation and it is when you can see wildebeest and zebras in the Serengeti National Park.


Underwater diving and snorkeling

For diving it is advisable to avoid the period from March to June, as the weather is unstable with frequent electrical storms. Both February and March and July and August are much better. The water is very warm at any time of the year.