The main difference between the National Parks of Africa and the Private Reserves is that the former are public spaces run by the authorities while the latter are run by the staff of the lodges and camps located within the grounds of the reserve in question. .

In short, National Parks are under the supervision of the government of the corresponding country. The activities, the schedules and even the paths that can be followed on board your 4X4 vehicle to go in search of animals are regulated.

This influx of people and vehicles translates into certain inconveniences for driving on the designated tracks at peak times of the day. However, this is not an insurmountable obstacle to enjoying a good day on safari.

For their part, private reserves offer travelers a safari experience further away from the crowds and large tourist circuits. If you are looking for a higher level of privacy this is the most appropriate alternative.

However, this peace and quiet comes at a price. In the Private Reserves there are areas that can only be accessed by guests of the lodges in the area, for example. Of course, here you will have the possibility to follow the track of the animals outside the marked paths by the hand of an experienced guide.

In short, the difference between a National Park and a Private Reserve in Africa does not lie in the landscapes or animal species that you will see, but in the type of trip that you will take. There is no single way to discover Africa!