East Africa is a great bet of the CAO (East African Community) to promote and help tourism on the African continent. To streamline procedures and be able to travel between cities with a single permit, they have created a tourist visa that covers East Africa.

There are many tourists who plan to do the East African route, and before this visa they had to apply individually for a visa to each of the countries they visited, with the inconvenience and added cost that it entailed.

For this reason, in 2014 the CAO decided to make a single visa that allows you to travel freely through the 3 countries of East Africa, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, valid for a 90-day stay in them. During 90 days, you can visit the 3 countries without requesting any additional permission.

The main advantage of the East Africa visa is that with a single visa we can travel through the 3 countries.

This will save us a lot of time since we do not have to gather documentation for the visas of the 3 countries (each country requests different documentation to carry out the visa), they have unified it into one. It will also save us money because, although the cost of East Africa is a little higher than that of a simple visa, the price of 3 visas would be much higher.

Another important advantage is the waiting time, since we only have to wait for one visa, not 3. Also, since the CAO wants to promote it, it is usually faster. However, it is better to plan ahead and not request it with a very fair margin.


Which countries does the East Africa route include?
East Africa is known to be one of the most visited destinations on the continent.

Here is the so-called East Africa route or West African route, which includes 3 of the most beautiful countries in this part of the continent.

This route has 3 African jewels: Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, three countries that will change our vision of Africa.

Three similar countries and at the same time very different. Countries marked by their beauty, their customs, their people, but also by the harshness of their history, by the brutal poaching of endangered animals, and by their last indigenous tribes.

This route will not leave us indifferent, Africa will never leave us indifferent! and it will become a trip that we will undoubtedly want to repeat.