The East African visa is a single-entry regional visa that foreign nationals are required to enter East Africa. It is an agreement between the governments of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to allow travelers to explore the diversity of East Africa, while facilitating travel procedures.

The visa will be issued by the consulates of any of the three countries.

What countries can be visited with the East African visa?

Currently, there are three countries that you can visit with the East Africa visa: the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda and the Republic of Uganda. In the future, more countries will join the agreement, since many countries have expressed their intention to adhere to this visa system.

The main advantage is that East Africa visa holders can enter the three mentioned countries without having to pay the fees of each of those countries.

Tourists will receive a single entry to the issuing country, but will also be entitled to multiple uninterrupted entries within the region for 90 days. With this system, travelers with an itinerary that requires crossing borders will save a considerable amount of money since they only have to pay for a visa.


It is important to note that the East Africa visa is exclusively for tourist purposes, which means that travelers holding this visa cannot work or study while in any of the three countries. If you intend to travel for a purpose other than tourism, be sure to obtain the appropriate visa.