No matter how long you lasted in a place, the experiences you had in it are what make the difference. There are people who leave for 3 months and even if it is a short time, they can substantially mark you.

If as travelers they ask us, what is the most difficult thing about traveling? The answer would be simple, goodbyes.

You will forge ties with people faster and they will be deeper, because you will know that eventually you will not be together.

You will want to disconnect from everything for a few moments to live the moment you are in, because it may never be repeated.

You will savor each ingredient of the food, because you are aware that you may not be able to try it again for a long time. Among other things to miss…


But without a doubt and regret, traveling and missing at the same time add thousands of years to your life.

It is as if life and the things, people, places that it presents to you, give you happiness and absolute well-being in the soul. By letting you know that, as far as memory allows, those memories will always be with you.