What can be better than traveling? There can be no right answer to that question, but what makes us a good traveler?

To venture out into the world as an expert, you need to take into account certain recommendations that we will give you in this post:


When we travel we have to take into account that we are in a country totally different from ours, with a completely different culture, this makes us have to give up what we are used to and experience new things.

So, good traveler:

-Dare to try new dishes, ask what is the typical food of the country or place where you are or look for the most exotic drink that they can offer you.

-Talk to the local people and ask them what activities they suggest you do during your stay; If someone from the place changes your schedule and offers you something else to do, take a chance and go with them, the idea is to collect as many great experiences as possible.

Because if you don’t go with everything, then what are you going for? Come on, venture out!