They say that “Africa hooks”, many call it “the evil of Africa”. Many people speak of the ability of this continent to «bewitch» its visitors.

And it is that its different regions, cultures, ethnic groups, governments, conflicts, landscapes, characters, gastronomies, customs, languages ​​in each country that composes it; It gives you an opportunity to know a new way of seeing life, to smile, to enjoy, taste and even breathe. Traveling to Africa is finding yourself with all the possibilities to find yourself and challenge yourself by pushing yourself to the limit with the best adventures.

There are so many reasons that serve as an excuse to enter this corner of the planet! Maybe you already have a couple of them in mind, but today, we have created a special list for you by adding a couple more.

So read on and find out what makes a trip to Africa special.


Africa makes you feel free

Africa is a continent that cannot fail to surprise those who visit it. A continent of incredible natural and cultural variety. With a variety of activities to do that will not allow you for a second to remember routine life.

Africa, will make you disconnect from all those little day-to-day dramas that are absolutely absurd with respect to the immensity of everything it offers you.


Africa recharges your batteries

your dreams, your desire to travel more and to more remote places, your creativity. You return with the feeling of having gained time to live by facing adventures where you will be with a thousand adrenaline and will make you leave your comfort zone.


Going to Africa is traveling in an unconventional way

The African continent is one of the most fascinating on the planet. It has an overwhelming nature, where the landscape, social or cultural diversity are a treasure. Forget about the typical conventional planned trips; With Only One and the destinations of Africa, a journey full of adventure and wonder is the only thing you can hope for.


Wild life

The animal kingdom is a fundamental part of a continent, with many unique species living there. And Africa offers you the opportunity to live the experience of being able to observe its fauna in all freedom in each of its parks.


Visiting this fascinating continent is one of those experiences that you have to live at least once in your life. As you have seen, there are many reasons to visit Africa and many others that we have not said and that you will surely discover if you dare to travel to this continent.