The success or failure of a vacation depends on many factors that we often do not take into account.

If you are already planning your next getaway, here is our recipe with the things you should not do on your trips:


Do not exchange money at airports

The worst exchange rates are obtained at the airports. It is best to use credit cards, as they offer the best exchange.


Do not compare or look for prices only in large search engines

Since no search engine is 100% the best, expand your options to find the best trip by using local or lesser-known websites.


Don’t save on travel insurance

When you travel abroad, to an unknown country, unforeseen events can always happen. For this reason we recommend that you do not travel without insurance that covers possible illnesses, theft, etc…


Be sure to stop by the tourist office

Every time you arrive in a new city it is advisable to stop by the tourist office.


Don’t always book too far in advance

Sometimes by booking too far in advance you lose the opportunity to get good deals.