What not to do on safari


Fear, prejudice and myths related to safaris are likely to make us panic.

But, our safari experts bring you a list of things you should never do on safari.

But first of all we invite you to enjoy your trip and get out of your comfort zone:


1. Don’t panic every time you see a mosquito. All the mosquitoes in Africa are not sneaky anopheles lurking behind a flower pot and ready to spread malaria to you.


2. Do not cool off on the banks of a river or put your feet in an unknown pool without first consulting with the local people.



3. Do not torture the guide an hour and a half after starting the safari by telling him that you have not seen animals yet. Africa is not a zoo and critters live and eat where they want, not always in front of your 4×4 truck.


4. Do not go for a walk at night to see the stars around the camp.

5. Do not think that Africa is always hot. Depending on what season and what areas you can be colder at nightfall and enjoy cooler evenings.

6. Do not pretend that the schedules and programs are fulfilled to the letter. This is Africa! The rhythms are different.

7. Do not try to approach any animal, especially the young. Keep a respectful distance.

8. Enjoy the adventure to the fullest and always pay attention to what the guide says.