We know that you want to take care of yourself, which is why we have made this short list of everything you need for your insurance.

A good international medical insurance must consider MINIMUM, the following:


High coverage in medical treatment.

Do not skimp on expenses when it comes to medical treatment coverage, many companies will try to offer you the cheapest travel insurance by reducing medical coverage but you never know what can happen out there, especially if you travel to countries where a night in hospital can cost you just as expensive as buying a car in your country.


Emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains.

The repatriation of remains can be one of the most expensive expenses depending on the country and the distance, but without a doubt having this coverage is mandatory.

Regarding evacuations, there are 2 types: medical and non-medical.

The medical one is if you are in an area without access to a hospital and you need to move, your international medical insurance should be able to cover this transfer. The non-medical is when you are in an area with some potential risk of natural disaster or civil conflict. International travel insurance should be able to cover this.