Morocco is one of the most interesting destinations in Africa, it has a long history and is a traditional kingdom that has been handed down for centuries.

Morocco has built a unique culture by combining various elements such as the intersection of Europe, Africa and Arab, and has nine World Heritage sites of which the people are proud.

This can make you a bit dizzy, «Where do I start? What activities can I do in Morocco? …».

These questions will be answered once you meet our incredible and varied itineraries to get to know Morocco:


Tour Morocco’s attractions efficiently

Tour the recommended places of Morocco, which are full of highlights, with a comfortable private car:

Ouarzazate is a city located in the south of the Atlas Mountains, in central Morocco, and is an oasis enriched by the source of the Draa River that flows from the Atlas Mountains. Don’t miss the nearby town of Ait Ben Haddou. It is the gateway to Moroccan tourism in the Sahara desert, as it has an airport and is located on a road from Marrakech that crosses the Atlas mountains to the Sahara.

The road that leads to Errachidia in the east is called «Kasbah Kaido» and is one of the highlights. Due to the convenience of transportation and the magnificent view of the desert, it is often used as a filming location for movies such as Lawrence, Star Wars, and 007 in Arabia.

Merzouga is a small town located at the entrance of the Sahara desert. There are many campsites called «luxury camps» in the surrounding Sahara desert, and they are also popular with discerning travelers who come from all over the world in search of valuable experiences that can only be done here.

Fez, was the first city in Morocco to flourish as the capital of the Islamic dynasty. The old city (Medina), which was built over 1,000 years ago, is said to have been deliberately turned into a maze to block foreign enemies. If you take a step, there is a maze. People who don’t have a sense of the land really get lost, but getting lost is one of the ways to enjoy the city of Fez.

Tetouan, a small town at the foot of the Riff Mountains. The walled medina (old town) is a World Heritage Site. The old town was created by people who fled the Spanish region of Andalusia, giving it a unique exotic atmosphere with a mix of Spanish and Moroccan culture.


Enjoy free time with flexibility!

Even if you see a great memory, participating in a tour tends to limit your shopping time. However, on this tour, we have set a free time schedule so you don’t feel uncomfortable. In Morocco, getting lost in the old town (Medina) is one of the joys. At your leisure, take a walk on your own in the old town.

In the souk, try to bargain for bargains, and if you want to enjoy the spa, try working up a sweat in the hammam. Please spend your time.

Get lost in the old town (Medina), enjoy street shows in Jamaâ El Fna square and feel free to spend your time.




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