You are about to go on a trip, to a distant and exotic place outside the country, your suitcase is packed, your itinerary ready, your reservations arranged.

But, there is good news, and it is possible to take advantage of the flight hours, not get bored and make time pass faster during a plane trip. Here are some ideas to entertain you:


Translate your favorite songs: Another way to put your brain to work is, instead of just listening to that playlist that you previously prepared for your flight.

Sleep: It is the classic to pass the time on a flight. Some choose to take a pill or consume drinks courtesy of the airline to relax and fall asleep in the seat, even if it is not very comfortable.

Read: Another of the most popular activities to take advantage of flight hours. This includes from a book to a newspaper.

Play or exercise your mind: You can take magazines with games, or also take the opportunity to play offline on your mobile.

Search a thousand and one plans at the same time: Buy fun magazines to read on the plane, the biography of Frida Kahlo that you’ve always wanted to read?, load your iPod with all your playlists ordered from best to worst, carry movies on your tablet, I compiled it with things from work to make the most of the time, she takes one by one the copies of the newspapers that they offer to keep up to date. Yes, well done, let there not be a free minute…