You’ve planned, booked and packed your bags, and your next trip abroad is fast approaching. But, with so much to see and do, how can you make the most of your time abroad? To help you solve this eternal dilemma, we have made a list of some things you have to do to ensure that your next trip is the BEST EVER.


-Get rid of the map. get lost (This is how to do it).

-Recharge energy the right way. Enjoy street food with the locals (You will make new friends in the process).

-Dance all night (The day doesn’t end when it gets dark, does it?).

-Make friends out of strangers. Discover the city together.

-Move like an expert. Get to really know your new destination, with or without a map.

– Reward yourself. Buy that cake that caught your eye (After so many museums, you deserve it).

-Buy a souvenir. Keep it as a treasure, no matter how little it is.

-Change your perspective. Truly connect with the local culture and see the world with new eyes.