Each trip is an adventure, and also an opportunity to live unique experiences. What no one imagines is that sometimes that adventure can start in the worst possible way.

Here are some tips in case you live some of these experiences:


-Without a doubt, the first thing to do when you are robbed on a trip is to calm down and try to control your frustration. It’s time to take a deep breath and start organizing so that the problem does not get bigger. You have to know that this can happen to anyone.

-Other very important things to do when your trip is stolen is to block or cancel your credit and debit cards as soon as possible.

-Once you have stabilized the situation and are sure of what has been stolen from you, it is time to inform the police so that it is recorded by means of a complaint.

-If you have had the misfortune of having your passport stolen, you will have to locate the nearest consulate or embassy of your country to request a new one or a safe-conduct failing that and thus be able to travel.

-Depending on at what time of the trip the theft happens to you, you may have to change the date of one of your flights or perhaps move some of the reservations you had.