Traveling, in addition to great satisfaction, produces some concern when thinking about all the risks that we can face. Here are some tips for that most common «watering»:


control frustration
Without a doubt, the first thing to do when your trip is stolen is to calm down and try to control your frustration. It’s time to take a deep breath and start organizing so that the problem does not get bigger.


Block or cancel your bank cards
Another very important thing to do when your trip is stolen is to block or cancel your credit and debit cards as soon as possible, and thus avoid additional charges being made with them. To block them, you can contact your bank directly by phone or use the bank’s own app on your smartphone.


File a police report
Once you have stabilized the situation and are sure of what has been stolen from you, it is time to notify the police so that it is recorded by filing a complaint. It is important that you do it on the same day or after your trip without much time passing by, so that when you return to your country you can present it and avoid, for example, the fees for processing the documents.


Go to the Consulate or the Embassy to process the passport
If you have had the misfortune of having your passport stolen, you will have to locate the nearest consulate or embassy of your country to request a new one or a safe-conduct failing that and thus be able to travel.

Reschedule flights or reservations for your trip
Depending on when in your trip the theft happens, you may have to change the date of some of your flights or perhaps move some of the reservations you had. Have the airline’s telephone number handy to contact them or go to the airport to discuss the matter personally. Do the same with the accommodation and the excursions contracted if it were the case.