Lalibela is the spiritual epicenter of Ethiopia and the number one attraction on any itinerary in the north of the country. In this complete guide, we share all our advice on which churches to visit and what to see in Lalibela, as well as fundamental tips to deal with the social scene and its delicate balance with tourism.


Best time to visit Lalibela
May, although on second thought, more than the month of the year, you should plan your visit based on the day of the week, bearing in mind that, being a religious center, Sundays are the most interesting days. Do whatever it takes to coincide on a Sunday!


Check list to travel to Lalibela
Travel insurance. You should have travel insurance, more so in pandemic times. The airline staff may require it before boarding or upon arrival at the destination as an exclusive requirement. In addition, any accident or health problem that requires the slightest hospitalization can cost you much more. We recommend you:

From Latin America: it is convenient for you to quote from the Asegura tu Viaje search engine, which has a wide range of options with good value for money. Advantages: they have means and payment facilities that are adapted to the Latin American context. They are the ones I use.

From Europe and the rest of the world: if you live in Europe, we recommend IATI, which has plans with excellent coverage that covers hiking, extreme sports, technology theft, free PCR test and quarantine expenses for positive COVID (they are almost the only ones that cover). Also, for being a reader of Acrobata del Camino, you have a 5% discount.


Entrance fee to Lalibela
The value of the ticket is 50 USD, and it gives you access to the 11 churches. There is no discount for students although there should be at least with the ISIC card, being that it is a UNESCO site.