The landscapes of Namibia look like something out of a science fiction movie in which the land has been devastated. The aridity, the earth colors and the lack of vegetation make it seem that you are stepping on the moon.

Get to know some of the activities that Kenya has to offer you during your visit:


Safari in Namibia, meet the Himba

The Himba are the most representative tribe of Namibia. They live in the north, so during your safari in Namibia, if you start the tour from the south this will be one of your last experiences in the country.

The aridity of the place contrasts with the proximity of the members of the tribe, who live faithful to their ancient customs.


Visit the Skeleton Coast

A place that owes its name to the thousands of ships that were shipwrecked on its shores and that today form one of the largest ship cemeteries in the world. Here, the great Namib desert comes to die in the cold and wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Look for the black rhino

Namibia is one of the few countries in Africa where you can see it during a safari. Here its population has remained stable for a few years, there are just over 2,000 specimens, despite the poaching that continues today.