The Seychelles Islands have beautiful landscapes on their surface, but they are also surrounded by attractive turquoise waters with rich seabeds.

Seychelles. Hailed as one of the world’s most beautiful tropical destinations, it’s a joy to explore, whether it’s diving or simply snorkeling.

Discover its best destinations:


bird island

It really lives up to its name too, with everything from fairies and fairy charettes, wet nurses and more fluttering through the salt-scented skies.
And it’s not just about looking up, as there are also winding hiking trails and huge giant tortoises to see.


Ste Anne National Marine Park

That honor goes to what’s underwater.
Divers, snorkelers and boaters flock to see the mosaic of seagrass beds and coral reefs, sharks and multicolored schools of tropical fish.


Vallee de Mai National Park

One of the most amazing UNESCO reserves in Seychelles and a real dream come true for any nature loving traveler in these parts.
The three main routes that run through the area that sits in the heart of Praslin intertwine through the winding and winding paths.



Victoria is a place that balances the responsibilities of a capital city with the relaxed obligations of an average Indian Ocean city.
Small and walkable, this one oozes a sort of Caribbean Creole vibe that keeps things incredibly slow and laid back.


silhouette island

This large granite boulder looms over the horizon just 20 miles away.
However, he was not actually named for his profile in the distance, but for the French minister who discovered him.
It’s the luxurious edge that really counts here, and the beaches.
These come gleaming in pearly white, backed by opulent resorts with names like Hilton.