When we decide to go on a safari, a thousand doubts begin to arise because we do not know what we are going to find in the place. Even if you have traveled to other parts of the world before, nothing compares to going on a safari through one of the best nature reserves on the planet.

Don’t let fear invade you, read this before embarking on your journey:


Not all safaris are the same.
No one guarantees that you can see animals up close, find moments like a lion hunting or that you can see a leopard or a rhinoceros. The places where safaris are done are natural parks with wild animals, they are not a zoo. Animals move as they please when they want and do what they want.


You will live on picnic boxes
This means that during your tour you will not be able to eat “well”. They will give you some lunch boxes that often contain fruit, a snack and some cookies. Although the company will try to pamper you, expecting a big banquet is absurd. Of course, when dinner arrives (already at your hotel) you can take it all out.


never get out of the way
There are tours that already have the route established, whether you choose to go with a guide or on your own, it is important that you never go down paths that no one knows. That way, you don’t put yourself at risk and if an emergency should occur, the park authorities will know where to find you.


It is an «adventure» trip.
If you have decided to go on a safari, keep in mind that an adventure trip, even if your accommodations are luxurious.

As I have told you before, you will spend many hours on the road. The distances, although short in km, are long in time due to the state of the roads.