Africa is a beautiful continent, in fact it is the second largest in the world, with an area of ​​approximately 30.2 million km. So hopefully it’s much more than just deserts and savannas.

In it are many of the most remote places, but without a doubt Africa promises travel wonders; landscapes of enormous biodiversity and the opportunity to experience the kind of trips in which you take risks.

So today we will talk to you about what you should know before traveling to Africa.


Deserts, mountains and snow

To begin with, when we think of Africa we can imagine that it has vast expanses of desert and flat savannahs, exceptionally green mountainous areas; and we are not wrong.

There are the extensive rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo or the garden route in South Africa.

Deserts such as the Kalahari, famous for its flowers in spring, and the Namib, the oldest desert in the world, home to elephants, rhinos, giraffes and lions adapted to the desert.

But it also snows in certain places. Yes, it’s not scorching hot across the continent, in fact places like Mount Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania) have glaciers and, in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, in the Maloti Mountains, in Lesotho, and in the Cape Highlands. Oriental, in South Africa, snows to the point of being able to ski in them.


You don’t need all the vaccines out there

We advise you to talk to your doctor about your travel plans and your medical history. What’s more. Find out more about virus protection on the official pages of each country with this type of information.

You may need the yellow fever vaccine, for some countries it is an entry requirement.


You don’t need countless visas

Having a visa is not a mandatory requirement in all countries on the African continent, here we give you more detailed information about the countries you can enter without this document.


Anything that moves can be public transport

If you decide to use public transport in Africa, we must warn you that anything in Africa can be used as one. The concept of this is not just limited to government media.

In many countries, you do not have a specific arrival or departure time. It leaves when it is filled with an adequate number of people and this can often take time.


Camping will be one of your best experiences on the continent

The camps will give you an unforgettable night amid the sounds of the African jungle and the burning fires in which you will find yourself constantly watching, a great opportunity to clear your mind and relax a bit.

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