In this post you will discover all the good things that a Safari through the most diverse corners of Africa has to offer:


Not all safaris are the same

The places where safaris are done are natural parks with wild animals, they are not a zoo. Animals move as they please when they want and do what they want.


There are different kinds of safaris

In Africa there are different types of safaris. It is possible to travel in off-road vehicles, also known as “game drives”; carry out aquatic safaris aboard boats; opt for air safaris on hot air balloons, small planes and/or helicopters, and even walking safaris that take place within specific zones.


Safaris are for everyone

Contrary to what many might think, safaris are not just an experience for seasoned travelers and seasoned adventurers, but can be enjoyed by almost all types of people.


You will be in the middle of a natural park surrounded by wild animals

You are in a wild place with wild animals. When you see an animal it is important that you keep your distance and do not stick part of your body out of the car windows. You will be putting yourself and your companions at risk.


It’s an «adventure» trip

If you have decided to go on a safari, keep in mind that an adventure trip, even if your accommodations are luxurious.