Ethiopia is a country that is characterized by its beauty, fauna and its different ethnic groups and, in fact, the best time to enjoy everything it can offer is always, since we can enjoy a good climate all year round.

However, in this guide, we’ll dig a little deeper into this shortly:

As we have said before, the temperatures are usually always pleasant, and in general terms you can travel to Ethiopia throughout the year, but depending on the area of ​​the country you visit, the best time to travel to Ethiopia is one or the other.


Best time to travel to northern Ethiopia

The best months to get to know this corner of the world are all year round, except June, July and August, which is the rainy season.


Best time to travel to eastern Ethiopia

From September to May is when we advise traveling to the east of Ethiopia as well as to the west and to Addis Ababa, to avoid the strong heat.


When to visit the west

As with the eastern part of the country, the rainy season here occurs in summer, from June to August.


When to travel to central and southern Ethiopia

If we want to visit the southern regions of the country, it is best to do it from October to March. From April to September it is not recommended since it is the rainy season, which here lasts somewhat longer than in the rest of Ethiopia.

On the other hand, in the center of the country any time of the year is perfect for taking a trip.


Which months are the best to get to know the local culture

If you don’t know when to travel to Ethiopia to get to know its culture better, you should know that any time of the year is perfect. If you avoid the aforementioned summer months due to the rains, the rest of the year you can get to know the local culture without problems.