We are referring to the Namib Desert, whose formation dates back to about 65 million years ago. So that you locate yourself a little, more or less the same time in which the dinosaurs became extinct. The Namib Desert, whose name means “huge”, is also one of the most beautiful in Africa. With more than 2,000 km long, and a size similar to that of Switzerland, it is the only coastal desert in the world.

The Namib desert is a major African desert that stretches along the Namibian coast, between the Orange River, which marks the border with the Republic of South Africa, to the south, and the Kunene River, between Namibia and Angola, to the north.

Its impressive dunes, which extend to the sea, are also the highest in the world. The strong waves and winds in certain areas of the coast, as well as fog banks, turned Namibia into the now famous «Skeleton Coast», due to the innumerable shipwrecks that have taken place on its shores.