Botswana’s diverse geography and flat terrain make it one of the most interesting destinations to visit.

So today, we will give you the reasons why you should visit this little corner of Africa.


Go on a safari in the Chobe National Park.

This national park offers, among many other things, the largest concentration of elephants in the world and represents a dream come true for lovers of these incredible animals.

While in much of Africa drought can kill elephants, this is not the case in Chobe National Park. Their ponds or pans become their refuge during the dry season. When they reach the shore, you will hear their trumpeting which is how elephants communicate.

There is also the possibility of spotting the big five and falling in love with some of the 460 species of birds present in the park’s territory. Come on, a wild and surprising place.


Marvel at the Kalahari desert

The Kalahari desert, which spans 3 countries in southern Africa (Botswana, Namibia and South Africa) is another must-see place. Here, in addition to being able to see amazing fauna and landscapes such as the Tsodilo Hills and its cave paintings, we can get up close to one of the oldest tribes in the world: the Bushmen.


Wildlife from convenience and comfort

A compelling reason to explore the country is your virginity. It allows you to enjoy the essence of Africa, in the purest style, offers a wild life and nature that will make you feel like a true explorer.

As if that were not enough, almost 40% of its surface is declared a protected area. The government keeps these areas quite inaccessible, except for the existence of dense sandy roads only suitable for skilled 4 × 4 drivers.

In the National Parks and Reserves there is no type of infrastructure. No drinking water, no electricity supply, not even mobile phone coverage.


Travel to Botswana with Only One Africa

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