Know the characteristics of the 5 big ones that Africa has:


African lion
Majestic feline with short fur and a tufted tail, powerful, charismatic and beautiful, desirable because of the real danger involved in its search. Due to his habitat and the temperament of the ‘King of the jungle’, he is considered the best of the Big Five and the most persecuted by the cameras. Being also the spirit of remote Hollywood movies and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Extremely social and with a prodigious memory, they spend their entire lives in the same group, and although most live in the desert, many of them also inhabit the depths of the forests of Africa. But above all, they love water, it is the most impressive member of the Big Fuve to photograph on the banks of rivers, seeing how its trunk does not stop splashing.

cape buffalo
Moody and unstable, he can be the most dangerous of Africa’s Big Five; it is a social and non-territorial herbivore, it lives in large herds, sometimes with hundreds of members. The face-to-face encounter with its impetuous horn has been the scouting trophy among the Big Five for years.

black rhino
They live in very small groups and their temperament is unpredictable, going on a safari with this magnificent member of the Big Five will be like going back in time, a trip to the Jurassic Era, where dinosaurs were the dominant living beings of that time.

Solitary and territorial, it is impressive to see it in freedom; the true master of stalking and surprise. His secure life among the branches and his ability to climb have made him the top predator of the Big Five with the best relationship between exploration safaris and success.