When we speak we say a lot of idioms and forms that we do not know their origin, but today, you will know the origin of some of the most used words in our days that come from Africa.


Backpack: from the kikongo and kimbundu (Mu) nizla: a kind of backpack in the form of an envelope.

Congo: from the Kikongo Nkongo: in African it means great hunter.

Marimba: from kikongo and kimbundu Madimba: refers to a musical instrument made up of two large wooden arches, joined at the ends.

Maid: from the kikongo and kimbundu Mukamba: person who helps with domestic services.

Bachata: Of African origin. The RAE dictionary includes two meanings. The meaning of party has been deprecated but it is one of the many terms used for black party in Spanish such as tango, rumba or fandango. It is one of the most popular music in the Dominican Republic.

Banana: According to the RAE banana is also a term of African origin, something that seems to make a lot of sense considering the fate of part of the slave labor in Latin America.

Hookah: According to the RAE, the famous smoking pipe would come to Spanish through the Portuguese term cacimba, and this in turn from the Bantu cazimba. If we consult the Porto Editora dictionary, the word comes from kimbundo but not from the term indicated by the highest authority of the Spanish language, but from quixima, which means «water well».

Macaco: It lands in Spanish through Portuguese, macaco, voice of the Congo, which designates a species of monkey. In the original language it would mean “some monkeys”.