Namibia, the most amazing country in southern Africa, is full of captivating landscapes, seductive wildlife, and a bewildering array of natural wonders. From desert plains and high sand dunes to lush wetlands and deep, winding canyons, Namibia is home to almost every iconic African landscape one can imagine.

Of course, it is more than necessary to know her more deeply with some of the most surprising data about her.

So read to the end and be amazed by these 5 fun facts about Namibia.


It is the country with the best park to see rhinos, before they disappear

Etosha is famous for the large number of rhinos it houses, especially black rhinos. It is one of the best places in Africa to see this majestic animal.


In it is the last gas station in the desert

Solitaire is the most famous gas station in Namibia. For decades it was the only one that existed to supply itself before entering the dreaded Namib Desert (now there is another one). The gas station is still running and has decorated the surroundings with scrap old cars that were stranded in the sand.



The first UNESCO World Heritage site in Namibia, Twyfelfontein, has the largest known concentration of engravings in Africa. More than 5,000 individual figures between 2,000 and 6,000 years old have been recorded here.


Origin of its name

The name ‘Namibia’ comes from the Namib desert, which means ‘huge and with nothing’. However, without a doubt this country does have a lot to offer.


The tallest dunes in the world

The Namibian desert is the best known in the country. Its main characteristic is the amount of dunes that can exceed 320 meters in height. They are the highest dunes in the world.