There are many beautiful things to see in Zambia, it is one of those African countries that very few know.

Therefore, here we will explain the 10 best places to see in Zambia:


Lusaka City

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and it is the city you have to go to to see the incredible places to see in Zambia.


Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are the highest waterfall in the world and one of the most incredible landscapes to see in Africa.


walk with the lions

Livingstone National Park offers the experience of being able to walk with rescued cheetahs, lions and rhinos in the African savannah. It is really a beautiful experience because it is possible to see them very closely.


Lake Kariba

The lake is located south of Lusaka and is one of the most impressive works of engineering in the world that is worth seeing in Zambia.


kalambo falls

This waterfall is approximately 375 meters high and is the second highest waterfall in Africa after Tugela Falls in South Africa.